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Hunter x Hunter Finally gets a Manga After 4 Years!

The 37th collected book volume of Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter X Hunter manga, the series' first new volume in about four years, will debut in Japan on November 4, according to the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine's official Twitter account, which made the announcement on Tuesday.

Togashi stated that he had completed the rough drafts for 10 chapters, which is the average number for a volume, in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in May. He had joked at the time that he had completed seven (originally six) manuscripts out of those ten chapters. Since then, he has kept the account updated with hints about how the chapters are coming along. He withheld the release date for the chapters.

Since November 2018, the manga has been on a break. After a sabbatical that began in April 2018, the manga made its return in September 2018. The manga previously took a break in September 2017, and Togashi said at the time that he intended to pick it back up before the year was up. In January 2018, the manga then picked again up. Prior to them, the manga had countless more breaks.

The series was broadcast live on Crunchyroll as it aired in Japan. The original manga by Togashi was completely retold in the series. The plot follows Gon Freecs as he trains to become a Hunter in an effort to track down his father and learn why he left him when he was a baby in order to become a Hunter.



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