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How to Keep a Mummy is Cute, But Kind of Creepy?

From day one, I've loved this show. It's adorable, funny and all the characters are charming in their own way. If you don't like Mii-kun, you're practically committing a federal offense. But one day, as I was watching, my partner pointed out just how odd the show is.

"The dragon and red thing make sense," he told me. "But like, a mummy is just weird. Isn't it basically a preserved corpse?"

And then it hit me. He was right. Mii is a mummy and as cute as he is, it never once crossed my mind that the little guy might be rotting behind his plush bandages. With those vague, white eyes, plump chibi body and tiny little barks, it's hard to ever envision what Mii might be keeping under wraps.

No, I thought. Surely, Mii isn't your average run-of-the-mill mummy right? I wasn't so convinced in the argument that something so cute could be so morbid. Sure, he's a mummy but that didn't mean he was dead dead right? That was until Episode 7 - Scary Dreams Are Okay Because I'm Not Alone came out.

There's a particular scene where Sora is helping our new friend, Taichi, with his sleeping issue. A baku has arrived in Taichi's room, eating his horrific nightmares, and he's not exactly comfortable with the idea of mythical creatures existing. Sora pulls Mii out and Taichi has a very disturbed expression. The following conversation goes as follows:

What? Between the look on Sora's face and the fact they drop this conversation right away, we have a right to be worried. While I'd not read the manga for this particular anime, I did search for clues and came up empty on what Sora means by this. It's possible Mii-kun isn't like other mummies at all. After all, a mummy is also a dead human; does that mean Sora has an undead human for a pet? The world may never know.

So what is the vote? Is Mii-kun cute, creepy or both?



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