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How to Introduce Someone to Anime

This may seem like an obvious article. There are dozens of pieces out there about the best shows beginners can get their hands on. We've heard it all before; everything from Ouran Host Club to Fullmetal Alchemist has been recommended to billions of newbs.

But this article isn't about specific shows. It's about finding the right show for the right person; an art form all of its own. This article isn't for the new people, it's for those who like to recommend new shows to friends and spread the plague that is anime among the populous. Here's what you do:


Analyze The Person

Really think about what this person is going to want to watch. Notice what kind of shows they already are watching. If they love watching superhero movies or sci-fi, consider recommending anime that's in that field. If they love romance or comedies, think about the dozens of anime series that literally cater to that exact genre.

We, as anime fans, can sometimes forget that there are plenty of parallels between your average show and an anime; they're both just fictional entertainment after all. It's important to remember that recommending a classic isn't always going to be the best idea. If you're giving someone Evangelion but they hate movies like Pacific Rim, you're probably going to lose them right away.


Length is super important! Anime series like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball are all great, timely classics. They're usually the titles that people associate with anime in the first place! Your newb friend has probably already heard of these titles, but you might not want to jump the gun and recommend they watch it.

The length of an anime is important. Some people are simply built for binge watching series as long as the titles listed above, but that's not really a majority. The best way to get a person into anime is probably by starting them off with a show that's at a short to medium length in episodes. Somewhere between that twelve to twenty-four range is usually the best sweet spot. You want to make sure they're invested, but not that they're over booked. Besides, if they really start to like anime, you'll want to give them an opportunity to really finish a show and move onto the next one.


Consider whether or not the story is really a good fit for the person you're giving it to. Do you think they're really going to appreciate a character like Ed stomping around and complaining that he's short all the time? Or do you think they'd appreciate someone more like Mikasa who's composed and wants to just get the job done?

Believe it or not, this is actually really important. If you're close to this person, you won't have a hard time picking up details like this; it'll be obvious what kind of characters they already like and don't like. Of course, you're not meant to like every character you watch, that's what villains are for, but you want to make sure that they'll hate that character for good reason and not just because it's not their thing.

Don't Breathe Down Their Necks

This is the most important rule. Let's say it's finally happened. You've finally gotten your friends to sit down and watch the series you've carefully picked out just for them. If at any point they need a break, even if that break takes a month, do not push it.

It can be really hard for fans to take a step back and let people slowly get into a new hobby. We've all been there and we've all wanted to share something like this with a friend. We get how easy it is to get overly excited. But it's important that you don't push your friends to do something they don't want to do. All it will do is make them dislike anime and then you won't have anyone to share it with.

These are just a few tips to help you pick out a show for that new and upcoming fan. And while these are great tips, even if they aren't for a newb, you should always remember that some people just aren't into the genre. When that happens, learn to let go or find new friends that do like the same things you do. But, if you put a lot of consideration into what your friend likes, it's sure to show!



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