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Holiday Matsuri 2021

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

What a time, what a time! Covid rampant, places closing down, Omnicron blowing up, and the economy is not in the best shape, but before things get more challenging in life and the new year is over, let's head to this magical place called Holiday Matsuri.

Holiday matsuri or Holmat in Florida is one of the best excuses not only to cosplay Christmas theme characters but head to Disney. The weather is excellent, and the hotel is beautiful, and the con was great. Staff members kept the convention center alive, organized, and neat. Our team had so much fun meeting locals and old friends, and this con is located in such a perfect spot. The hotel felt so tropical, but we are in Florida, of course. I can imagine why so many don't cosplay heavy materials or clothing because of the heat. Yes, the con air conditioner felt just right, but it is something to consider, especially when that many bodies are in a room. The show floor was spacious and gave me much freedom to roam around.

The gaming room was set up just right, the after the party was fun, and this con, out of all cons, was delightful. This con kept it the same without any changes, which mean no downgrading because of covid or other issues: panels, people, the things to do while there were just smooth. Lines, of course, were a slight hassle but nothing to complain about. Dessert at the end of every course, this one was it. So for the year to end, this is one that our team recommends to head back again and make the meaning of the words "Happy New Year" mean something.



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