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Hickman's House of X and Powers of X are bringing the X-Men back into the Marvel Spotlight

Renown comic book writer and artist, Jonathan Hickman, has returned to Marvel comics to rewrite Mutant history. Most known for his run on The Avengers, the Infinity mini-series, and the 2015 Secret Wars crossover event, Hickman has taken on the Children of the Atom. The story will span two different comic book titles named House of X and Powers of X starting with House of X on July 24th. All other X-Men comic books have ended for this event, and I can’t wait to read more.

(Source: Marvel)

Mutants have always been seen as a possible threat to Humans. Marvel’s future evolution of Mankind gives us a look at the many different possibilities of Human reaction to the Mutant existence. In Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X (pronounced as “Ten”), the Mutants will finally take their place in the world of politics. The only question is, will it be a peaceful inclusion, or will there be a violent outcome?

*Spoilers for House of X #1 to follow*

House of X #1 opens with Professor Charles Xavier standing around birthing pods. Homo Saipan Superiors fall out of the capsules as Professor X welcomes them to their new island home, Krakoa. The island itself is part Mutant and part Island. Much like Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2, Krakoa has been spreading seeds around the world, but Krakoan seeds open portals to his island. Krakoa Island only allows mutants through its portals and will bring judgment to any humans that try to enter. Humans can only come while in the company of a mutant and even then, they are not guaranteed entry.

(Source: Marvel)

Professor X has put some brand new headgear on as if it is some sort of Cerebro crown. We are unable to see his face at any point, and it brings a sense of disconnection to this supposed paradise.

(Source: Marvel)

Humans have already begun to see Mutant Paradise as some sort of threat to their very existence. Many organizations, like A.I.M., S.H.I.E.L.D., and S.W.O.R.D., have taken precaution. They have all sent representatives and resources to build a satellite controlled by a Sentinel's head. The satellite is for monitoring the island and mutants that have not yet sided with the new Krakoan community.

Past friends of the X-Men are also confused by this sudden shift in Mutant activity. After stealing an unknown device, Mystique, Toad, and Sabretooth try to flee through a Krakoan portal only to be stopped by Sue Storm and the rest of the Fantastic Four.

(Source: Marvel)

Just after Mystique and Toad run through, Sabretooth is held back by an invisible force field. Cyclops walks out of the portal and asks the first family to release his mutant brother only for Reed to deny his request. This moment is tense and uneasy, to say the least, but Cyclops agrees to their terms and allows Sabretooth to stay in their custody.

(Source: Marvel)

Upon retreating back through the portal, Cyclops tells the Fantastic Four, “Please greet your son for me… and tell him when he is ready… he has family on Krakoa waiting for him.”

Mutants have been oppressed for a long time, and it looks like they have begun to come together. While Magneto claims there has never been a “Mutant War” in House of X #1, the readers can feel the tension rising.

Politics is inherently problematic, and with so many questions still left to answer, it is only a matter of time before Mutants or Humans cross a line in the Krakoan sand.



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