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Heroman: Stan Lee's Little Known Manga

November 12, 2018 was a sad day for geek culture. Stan Lee, the legendary comic book writer, editor and publisher who was responsible for countless beloved Marvel titles, passed away at the age of 95. His contribution to American media is widely known - but not everyone is aware that he also made a meaningful contribution to Japanese media.

On August 12, 2009, Stan Lee's manga, Heroman, began appearing in Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan. This manga, which was illustrated by Tamon Ohta, would ultimately be made into an anime by Studio Bones.

This series follows the story of Joey Jones, a teenage boy living with his grandmother in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles. Their family doesn't have a lot of money, so Joey can't afford popular toys like the Heybo. Lucky for him, he finds a broken one in the trash, and he's able to fix it. Fixing it goes further than he thought it would, because the Heybo is more than a toy - it's a powerful robot who Joey dubs Heroman. With Heroman's help, Joey defends earth against the evil insect alien race, the Skrugg. Heroman is an energetic, exciting series that showcase Stan Lee's versatile and legendary talent. It marries the tropes of Western comics that Lee invented with the style and sensibilities that makes manga and anime so appealing. If you're an anime/manga fan who loves comics, this series is one you shouldn't miss.



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