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Gundam Mobile suit-themed shoes

If you're a devoted fan of Gundam, especially the renowned 1985 anime Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, it's time to get your wallets prepared. P-Bandai, the official store for the Bandai Namco Group, has unveiled a captivating offer: sneakers adorned with iconic elements from the cherished series. These sneakers are created by the well-loved Japanese handmade shoe brand SpingleMove.

Crafted in Japan, these sneakers are of mid-cut style, featuring a side elastic, a leather upper, and a vulcanized rubber sole. They're available in three distinct designs, each showcasing various mobile suits from the retro-colored anime. One of the designs, for instance, draws inspiration from the Zeta Gundam. Its blue backdrop highlights the "Zeta Gundam" label, the emblem of the Anti-Earth Union Group, and the Gundam's head, all elegantly printed in orange and light blue.

You can purchase each pair for 30,800 yen (equivalent to US$210.22) at Strict-G, the designated Gundam apparel store by P-Bandai. These sneakers are on offer at several locations: Odaiba, Tokyo; Tokyo Soramachi; Neopasa Shizuoka; and Taga SA in Shiga Prefecture. If you prefer online shopping, you can also order them through the P-Bandai Strict-G online store until September 3. However, keep in mind that supplies are limited and the sneakers might already be sold out. Online orders will be shipped in September.

These sneakers offer a stylish and appealing way to display your admiration for the classic Gundam series. Given their appeal, they're likely to be in high demand. Don't let the opportunity slip by – seize the chance to own a piece of this iconic series. And what better way to showcase your Gundam devotion than by wearing these sneakers when you visit the Gundam Factory Yokohama?



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