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Going Indepth on the PlayStation State of Play for May

PlayStation's State of Play video series has returned for May. This month they gave us a look at some new games and updates for existing titles. Sony had an excellent lineup of new footage, but State of Play left out some information. How about we take a more in-depth look.

(Source: PlayStation Youtube)

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World has never had any shortage of monsters to slay, but with Capcom's new DLC, Iceborne, new monsters are coming. Due out on September 9th, Iceborne will have a unique story to tell in the fresh frozen region of Hoarfrost Reach. Many of the monsters will live in this new frosty region and will battle each other for territory.

New monsters like the Banbaro will charge at you with its massive horns picking up any debris laying around in the battlefield. The Beotodus will burrow in deep snow and attack you from below your feet. The returning Nargacuga may appear in other regions of Monster Hunter World and is guaranteed to pick fights with all of the existing monsters. Lastly, with the new expansion, there is a brand new Elder dragon named Velkhana. He will attack hunters using his ice-based skills.

Monster Hunter World will also be receiving some weapon and gadget updates. Among those changes is an update to the slingshot. Players will soon be able to use the slingshot without having to sheath their weapons. The slingshot will also receive the new claw grapple which will enable players to mount beasts and continue their assault while riding them.

(Source: Capcom)

With a new DLC drop, comes new preorder bonuses. Monster Hunter World Iceborne preorder will give players the new Yukomo Armor set. Capcom is also selling a Deluxe kit that comes with the deluxe version of Iceborne and will be sold separately for those who already own the Monster Hunter World base game. The Deluxe kit will give players the Silver Knight layered armor, 3 new gestures, 2 stickers, 1 face paint, 1 hairstyle, and 1 decor set for your room in-game.

(Source: Capcom)

Capcom has not given any story details so we may have to wait until the DLC drop on September 9th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, PC players will have to wait until winter to start playing Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)


Riverbond, the new hack, and slash dungeon crawler features 4 player coop and 16-bit era fun. The developers over at Cococucumber want players to experience fast-paced action with the nostalgia of the old school voxel artwork.

Riverbond will have players crafting their own heroes and developing their style of play with melee and ranged combat. Players will even be able to give their characters a new look using crossover costumes from their favorite indie games. Enter the Gungeon, Shovel Knight and Psychonauts will all be featured in Riverbond's voxel art style.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

Look forward to Riverbond on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this summer.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

MediEvil Remake

It has been 11 years since the original MediEvil on PlayStation, but on October 25th, Sony fans will finally get their hands on a MediEvil Remake.

The evil Sorcerer Zarok has returned with his army of demons. Only one can stop him, and that is Sir Daniel. Players will take on the role of Sir Daniel and release him from his afterlife slumber. Just in time for Halloween, gain new allies and find all of the enchanted weapons to end Zarok and his hold on the kingdom.

(Source: PlayStation)

For the hardcore collectors, consider picking up the MediEvil Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with the base game, the Art of MediEvil, original soundtrack, a PlayStation Dynamic Theme, Digital Comic Book, and "Super Armor" an in-game armor set.

Cloaked Predator (Source: PlayStation Youtube)

Predator Hunting Ground

IllFonic, the same guys behind the beloved Friday the 13th, is back with another movie to game adaptation. This time we will be entering the Predator franchise. In Predator Hunting Ground, players will experience what it is like, to both, be hunted and be the hunter. This asymmetrical multiplayer game will have one player controlling the stealthy Predator versus a fireteam of highly trained soldiers.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

During PlayStation's State of Play, we see a group of four soldiers, but IllFonic has not yet given us an exact number of players in the final game. What we do know is that fireteams will be equipped with many of humanity's weapons like snipers, SMG's, and shotguns. The lone Predator will be using many of his alien pieces of tech like cloaking and the shoulder-mounted Plasmacaster.

We can look forward to experiencing Predator Hunting Ground in 2020.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)

Away: The Survival Series

How often do you catch yourself watching a documentary series of the Animal Kingdom and think "This could make a great game,"?

Well, that is what the team over at Breaking Walls has done with their new game Away. Featuring music from Mike Raznick of Life and Planet Earth II, Away lets players take control of a Sugar Glider whose goal is to survive the natural disasters that are plaguing his home forest. The ultimate goal is a place named Sanctuary, but you will have to get by a lot of different species that are trying to do the same.

No release date has been given for Away: The Survival Series just yet, but the game looks beautiful. You can look forward to more gameplay and information on Away from Breaking Walls soon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Finally, PlayStation has given us another look at Final Fantasy VII!

The remake has been in development since 2015, and not much has been shown other than pictures, but now we have full voices and combat in a trailer shown during PlayStation's State of Play.

The new visuals stopped quickly with the trailer asking us to wait a little bit longer. We will have to wait until June for more information on Final Fantasy VII.

(Source: PlayStation Youtube)

PlayStation's State of Play is so similar to the quarterly Nintendo Directs. Do you like this format for giving gamers new stuff to get excited about? What games do you want to see at the next State of Play? Let us know in the comments.



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