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Five Ways You're a Tsundere According to My Sweet Tyrant

My Sweet Tyrant has it's flaws; for example it certainly isn't okay to call you partner awful names. However, the short anime is built on the popular character archetype of a tsundere. These kinds of characters really show their true colors when they're in love because while they clearly care about their love interest, they also feel the need to lash out so that those feelings are never known. In this show, the script is flipped to where the boyfriend is a tsundere rather than a girlfriend.

But how do you know if you're a tsundere? Well, here's five ways to tell through Atsuhiro Kagari.

1. You simply adore your partner, but don't really know how to get close.

Atsuhiro has no clue how to get close to his girlfriend; it's simply impossible. When we're first introduced to them, you might have mistaken her as his enemy by how he talks when, in reality, he's dating Non. She's lovable, sweet and just down right adorable. There's no way you can hate a girl like this.

And Atsuhiro doesn't hate her, but he can't seem to manage getting near her. Why he calls her awful names, we'll never truly know, but he's obviously too nervous to really manage his emotions. If you're struggling to talk to you crush or significant other or you try to hide it by being salty, you may just be a tsundere.

2. Physical contact is wanted, but also too much to handle.

Atsuhiro also can't seem to handle even touching his girlfriend. Now granted, it may be different on what's socially acceptable to do with your girlfriend depending on where you live, but usually there's certain milestones every couple might expect. Holding hands, for example, might be a common thing. Well, if your a tsundere it might always be a bigger deal than people make it out to be.

For Atsuhiro, this is always a heart-fluttering moment. Of course he'd love to hold Non's hand, but to him she's an angel. To be touched by her is essentially a blessing he sometimes feels he doesn't deserve. If holding your partners hand or even looking in their direction is a really big deal for you, you might be a tsundere.

3. You sort of want to spend time with them.

Atsuhiro loves his girlfriend and never seems to be jealous until it comes to one particular person; his sister. Non seems to have a fair amount of friends and a healthy social life outside of her relationship. It seems to come naturally for her to make friends, and that same ability applies to her boyfriend's sister.

Unfortunately, the two seem to grapple over sharing time with Non. While Atsuhiro doesn't really want to show that he'd like to spend time with her, it doesn't mean that he wants his sister, who teases him, to take that time. If you grapple over communicating that you want to spend time with your significant other, you may just be a tsundere.

4. Everything they do is cute, even if you don't say it out loud.

To Atsuhiro, everything Non does is simply adorable. There is no one on this earth that's nearly as cute as she is. As the viewers, we get to see what's going on in Atsuhiro's head whenever she does something extremely cute; sure he's clearly being a fanboy, but his exterior expression really doesn't read much.

We also see him abandon all pride when Non is no longer around. Atsuhiro feels completely comfortable showing how much he cares for his girlfriend to his best friend. While he probably will never show this side to her, Non doesn't seem to have a problem with that. If you can't seem to express how much you truly find your crush's actions to be cute, you might be, you guessed it, a tsundere.

5. They probably know it.

Finally, there is one thing that makes a tsundere a tsundere and it has nothing to do with them, but rather, their partner. Tsunderes often are paired with people who know how to handle them and see what they're truly feeling. Non is no exception to this rule.

She's often asked why she even puts up with Atsuhiro, but her response is always that she understands him. She knows he's not really doing it because he thinks that way, but rather, because he is a tsundere. If your partner has, on more than one occasion, called you a tsundere, congratulations, you probably are one.

(Note: we advise not to be mean to your partner and to always be aware of their feelings).



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