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Five Really Cute "Things" From Anime!

Anime has always been amazing because as long as you can draw it, it can be a part of the world you create. The realm of fantasy in anime isn't even limited to your typical make-believe creatures; artists and creators are always getting crazy with their imagination and designing amazing thing never thought of before.

We're going to take a look at five of the cutest anime creatures we've ever seen come out of anime. Maybe we're not exactly sure what they'd be in the real world, but we're so happy they exist in these shows!



This little guy is always being compared to the golden snitch from Harry Potter and it's not really hard to see why - it is a flying gold ball with feathered wings after all. However, what the snitch doesn't have is an adorable tail, stubby legs or the ability to munch on things with pointed teeth. Allen's golem from D. Gray-Man is one of those creatures where you're not quite sure what he is, but you're happy he's here! We've seen Timcanpy do everything from smoking to eating, but you know with his curious personality he's bound to get in trouble. Nonetheless, he's one of the more iconic "things" to come from anime and we think he's just the cutest!



The Mokona are seriously prime examples of adorable things that no one can really explain; but hey, they're in an anime so do you really need to? We've seen both of them appear in the series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and xxxHolic. They basically look like little fat bunnies with a giant jewel on their forehead. Despite how adorable they look, they've been pivotal in both stories as they can use powers dealing with dimensions. It's a pretty awesome power to have for such adorable little creatures!



This is probably the most evil on the list, but he's still cute! Kyuubey is recognizable for his role in the Magi Madoka series; technically he's an alien but he still looks too cute to ignore when we're talking about thing-like anime characters. Kyuubey was well put together as a character too. Everything from his voice to his little smile made him seem so innocent. In a way, he was because he didn't really recognize what he was doing.



Yes, this may seem a little generic, but it's not really wrong now is it? Totoro is popular for a reason and it's not just the amazing story he comes from! Quite frankly, his plush look is one of the biggest reason's he's so lovable by both his fellow characters and fans of My Neighbor Totoro. This is a classic anime film that all fans should watch at one point or another. But for a forest spirit, we have to say we'd much rather snuggle up with this soft and fuzzy friend!



You might consider Happy a cat (with wings?) but he's actually an exceed! He comes from a completely different world and technically, he's still pretty thing-like. Have you ever heard of a blue cat with wings that wears a backpack? Neither have we, so he counts. Happy has always brightened up the Fairy Tail series as Natsu's partner; he has a name to live up to after all!

Who do you think the cutest on our list was? Who should have been added? Let us know in the comment section!



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