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Final Fantasy X Kabuki Stage Play coming to Tokyo!

In the spring of 2023, Final Fantasy X will be staged on a kabuki stage. It will be shown at IHI Stage Around Tokyo from March 4 until April 12, 2023. 35 performances will take place during that time. A Sending is performed by the actor playing Yuna in the teaser video for the film.

Yuna will be portrayed in the kabuki production by well-known kabuki actor Nakamura Yonekichi V. In the video, holographic Pyreflies also materialize on stage. The use of traditional Japanese instruments gives this arrangement, unlike the Final Fantasy X soundtrack, a particularly Japanese vibe. Both Nakamura Yonekichi V and the music director who orchestrated it previously worked on the Nausicaa kabuki stage production.

The first half begins at noon, followed by the second half at five-thirty. Only the second half will feature Nakamura Karoku V, Nakamura Kinnosuke, and Onoe Ushinosuke. If you want to see both portions, the most expensive ticket will run you 32,000 JPY (while the least expensive would cost you 19,800 JPY). Additionally, a special acrylic stand is included with the SS and S tickets. However, tickets begin at 11,000 JPY if you simply want to see the first or second half. Keep in mind that you cannot acquire the acrylic stand if you only purchase tickets for half the performance.



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