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Everything We Know about the Square Enix Avengers Game

Marvel’s Avengers are everywhere with the new Avengers End Game movie, and soon we will be getting a new Avengers Game. Developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal with publishing by Square Enix, Marvel’s Avengers is shaping up to be the ultimate fan service.

With so many big names connected to the Avengers project, what should gamers expect? What kind of story will we experience? What characters can we look forward to? In this post, we are going to answer most if not all of those questions.

(Source: Square Enix)

A Brand New Avengers Story

Set in the modern day, the Avengers are celebrating A-Day. This celebration is for the launch of the Avengers’ helicarrier. The aircraft houses an experimental terrigen reactor core.

The celebration taking place in San Francisco is the epicenter for A-Day, which is where the helicarrier launch is taking place. Just as the helicarrier begins hovering, a series of explosions begin to go off on the Golden Gate bridge.

Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and the Hulk spring into action. Saving civilians and stopping the mercenaries lead by Taskmaster, that have started the terrorist attack. Captain America is in the Avengers Helicarrier commanding the staff and speaking to his team over coms. The explosions on the bridge cease, and it is then that the Avengers realize that the attack was a decoy. Undercover mercenaries come out of the shadows of the helicarrier and begin to wreak havoc on board. Cap is doing everything in his power to stop the terrorists, but it’s too late. They have reached the terrigen reactor core and rigged it to explode.

The helicarrier goes up in flames and drops into the bay. The rest of the Avengers and the people can only watch as they lose an ally and the symbol of freedom.

Five years later the Avengers have disbanded. They failed the people, and they failed each other because of their past decisions. Broken and beaten the team must come back together.

This original story has been created for Marvel’s Avengers by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal.

Other teasers have given us a look at another character in Marvel’s Avengers. Hank Pym is shown shrinking a massive mech to the size of a puppy. Pym may be part of the new story, but there has been no more information given on his character at this time.

(Source: Square Enix)

Avengers Gameplay

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have a lot of experience creating action adventure games. With that knowledge, Marvel and Square Enix decided that the Avengers IP would make an excellent fit for the two studios.

Avengers gameplay was shown off to some lucky people behind closed doors at E3 2019. The five characters were shown off, acted as if they were their cinematic counterparts. Thor uses his hammer in combat to swing at enemies and throws it like a boomerang. Iron Man has two separate fighting styles, one in the air during flight, and a slightly different style while grounded. Both of Iron Man’s combat techniques show off his pulsar technology. Black Widow is the acrobatic character. She flips and kicks her enemies and can perform some leg grapples. The Hulk uses his almighty smashes to pulverize his opponents, and Captain America fights hand to hand while throwing his shield similar to Thor. Just like the recent Tomb Raider games, the Avengers will have quick time events where the player will have to press specific buttons to complete character actions.

There will be a solo campaign in Avengers with some missions allowing for up to 4 player co-op. Additionally, Marvel’s Avengers will be a service game. Updates for maps, characters, and events will be pushed out to players for free. As of right now, there are no loot boxes and pay to win parts of Avengers.

(Source: Square Enix)

Marvel has begun this new gaming plan to give their characters to creators that can connect with those characters on an intimate level. Insomniac’s Spider-Man is an excellent example of the philosophy, and Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have already proven their ability when it comes to action-adventure. While some fans of the Avengers have critiqued the look of the characters, it helps create some separation from other Avengers stories.

These characters have been adapted to all sorts of different media types and with every new artist comes a new look, a new story, and a brand new adventure for our favorite heroes. It’s time to wait and see what else Crystal and Eidos have in store for the Avengers. Let’s hope they make a game for the fans, by fans.

Marvel’s Avengers comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google’s Stadia on May 15, 2020.



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