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DRM Company Takes Aim At Switch Piracy

You must be wondering, what is that picture above me?

That is a new concern for Switch users (Nintendo Fans) that might complicate things soon!

Irdeto, a cybersecurity business, has unveiled some cutting-edge technology to help shield Switch games from piracy. Denuvo, a rather contentious DRM solution, was introduced with FIFA 15 in 2014 and attempts to seamlessly integrate into the construction toolchain of the developer without affecting the game itself. It also inserts checks into the code to prevent playing the game on emulators.

As could be expected, the revelation of this "Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection" technology hasn't exactly been warmly received online. Many PC gamers have complained that Denuvo has an adverse effect on performance, causing frame rate reductions and lengthier load times. The creators reject these assertions. As a result, when a game with Denuvo (anti-piracy) is released on Steam, users frequently express their opinions. After their games were out, several creators went back and removed the DRM (as was the case with the Steam version of Rage 2).

In response to the problem of Nintendo Switch piracy, Denuvo by Irdeto's managing director Reinhard Blaukovitsch stated that the business is "eager to deliver a solution that assists the developers and publishers to help battle the issue." The company also stated that "Nintendo consoles have long been plagued by piracy issues and the Switch is no different" and that it is working to change that. Presumably, it will do this by making this technology available to game developers to incorporate into their Switch titles as they are being created.

On its website, the business requests applications from developers and publishers to use the technology: Emulating any Nintendo Switch game on a PC is easy. And there are almost 4,500 of them available at present. Some gamers emulate titles on their release day, playing them without spending a penny.

By protecting your game with our solution, you force all players to buy it.



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