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Dragon Con 2022 Interview with Sean Chiplock

Getting invited to Dragon Con was a big honor and our team was so happy to interview some of our favorite hall of fame members. Our first interview was with Sean Chiplock. We choose to go with a more Russian roulette interview style with our questions which Sean took with stride!

Senpai: Favorite food?

Sean Chiplock: Japanese curry

Senpai: Favorite fruit?

Sean Chiplock: Raspberry because of that tart flavor especially in candy, or dessert.

Senpai: Favorite color?

Sean Chiplock: I was green because of the legend of Zelda but now I wear a lot of blue.

Senpai: Favorite place in the USA?

Sean Chiplock: U.P of Michigan Great Wolf Lodge because I love water parks and also Kalahari in the Dells when it was Daisho Con.

Senpai: Favorite social media?

Sean Chiplock: Twitter but Twitch because I love intersecting with my followers.

Senpai: Favorite place in the world?

Sean Chiplock: Comiket, in Japan. That convention is the biggest anime convention in the world. Well organized, beautiful and I got to visit other places like Nara, feeding the deer was pretty out of this world.

Senpai: Favorite anime?

Sean Chiplock: Comedy (Daily lives of high school boys and Komi Can’t communicate. For action Full Metal Alchemist both, I know some people don’t like one or the other but I have my reasons for both versions.)

Senpai: First game you ever played?

Sean Chiplock: Megaman 6 (NES) and Gameboy - Pokemon Blue

Senpai: Favorite boardgame?

Sean Chiplock: Mancala, because I and my brother never knew how to play it properly.

Senpai: Favorite spot in the house?

Sean Chiplock: When I and my wife bought a house, there was an L share coach but the people living there took it, of course, it's there but we loved it so we bought one. Because the air conditioner was under the L shape coach, we had the best sleep ever.

Senpai: Favorite movie?

Sean Chiplock: The Pagemaster, I know it was a short film but I am doubling down, this was the most educated and awesome movie ever.

Senpai: Favorite series?

Sean Chiplock: Megaman battle network and Etrian Odyssey. If you played Etrian, you are my best friend.

Senpai: Favorite quote?

Sean Chiplock: Tokyo Revenger (Draken - You don’t have to bow your head, Just have a heart that cares for others)

Senpai: Favorite junk food?

Sean Chiplock: Ferrea Roche Sea Salt mixed with Oatmeal melted. I don’t eat much junk food for many reasons but this combination tastes really good. Also in San Jose, at the Market, there is this cheesecake dessert spot that sells this amazing raspberry cheesecake that is out of this world. Check it out!

We thank you for the time and hope to ask you more interesting and fun questions in the future!



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