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Dragon Ball theme park!

In a poignant turn of events for Dragon Ball enthusiasts worldwide, the news of series creator Akira Toriyama's passing has left many still reeling with emotion. Yet, amidst the lingering sorrow, there emerges a beacon of hope and celebration: the revelation of a forthcoming Dragon Ball theme park.

With a concept that has become the epitome of millions' dreams globally, the developers have chosen a fittingly straightforward name for the venture: Dragon Ball Theme Park.

When news of an anime or video game-themed park arises, the inevitable question arises: "How grand will it be?" Ghibli Park, while charming, can be traversed in mere hours, as can Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo and Super Nintendo World in Osaka. However, Dragon Ball Theme Park is slated to be a colossal endeavor, spanning over 500,000 square meters—a staggering 123 acres, surpassing even the magnitude of Tokyo Disneyland (115 acres).

Situated in Qiddiya, a burgeoning tourism enclave in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, this monumental project stands distinct from the concurrent development of Six Flags Qiddiya amusement park. Dragon Ball Theme Park promises to be an unprecedented homage to Toriyama's enduring legacy, set to captivate fans and newcomers alike with its immersive experience.

In a minor inconsistency between the Japanese and English announcements, the Dragon Ball official site emphasizes the park's intention to "Provide an environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Ball throughout the day," while Qiddiya's English site emphasizes the opportunity to "Create and cherish lasting memories with your loved ones where one day is simply not enough!" Despite this nuanced difference, both affirm the necessity of accommodations, leading the developers to confirm the inclusion of multiple themed hotels on-site.

As for the projected timeline for the opening of Dragon Ball Theme Park, no specifics have been disclosed. Given the scale of the project and the extensive custom theming required for rides, structures, and staff attire, it is reasonable to anticipate a wait of at least several years. However, considering Dragon Ball's enduring popularity over four decades, it is almost certain that eager fans will eagerly flock to the gates whenever the park is prepared to welcome guests.


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