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Deadpool and the X-Force Coming to your Mobile Device

Marvel Future Fight X-Force Teaser (Source: Marvel Future Fight Facebook Page)

A Merc with a mouth and hopefully some chimichangas are coming to Marvel Future Fight. The mobile three year old mobile game is finally adding one of my favorite characters to their roster. Deadpool along with his X-Force friends are coming to Marvel Future Fight on August 8th.

Over on their Facebook page, Marvel Future Fight gave us a look at all the new characters that will be joining us for the X-Force update. Deadpool being the main feature is going to be free for all players to acquire with his own Epic Quest. The Merc's story will take us through a series of missions to help out his fellow X-Force members.

New Characters include:

  1. Deadpool

  2. Domino

  3. Fantomex

  4. Psylocke

  5. Stryfe

Psylocke and Stryfe will only be available via purchase with crystals, which is a premium in-game item. There will also be new uniforms available for Cable and Colossus for in-game crystals

If you have not checked out this mobile game, it is one of Marvel's most popular titles developed by the South Korean developer, Netmarble Games. Marvel Future Fight is a dungeon crawling RPG which has the player building up their roster of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Netmarble has gone deep into Marvel's Mythos and added characters from the comic books and cinematic universe alike. You can play as characters such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Black Widow while you can also build up villains like Thanos and his Black Order. As of this writing, there are 160 playable characters to unlock.

Marvel Future Fight is all about building your characters to destroy the competition. The game's campaign features a story that saves Planet Earth and helps you develop the Earth based figures. Later missions go on to feature adventures in Asgard and vast space. Scientists like Jemma Simmons from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are also shown in-game during story conversations and most of the Agents cast are playable. Without going into any story spoilers, I can say that the team over at Netmarble have done their fair share of research in the background on these characters. Some characters look exactly like their MCU counterparts while others are based solely on their comic book appearances. In spite of the variety in popularity of the heroes and villains, they hold true to their abilities and personalities.

You can download Marvel Future Fight on iOS and Andriod now for free. The X-Force update will roll out on the August 8th for all players which will unlock Deadpool. Mobile gaming is not the most popular style of gaming, but I find it to be a fun casual experience. I don't carry my consoles or PC everywhere, so Marvel Future Fight helps me scratch my gaming itch on the go.

Are you going to check out Deadpool in the Marvel Future Fight update? What other mobile games are you playing? Let us know in the comment section.



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