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Critical Role is Getting an Animated Special After Kickstarter Blew the Roof

For those of you that are huge Dungeons & Dragons fans, you'll be excited to find out that the Critical Role team has finally made it happen. After a popular live-stream featuring all of your favorite characters, Critical Role was able to raise US$5,765,661 million [as of this article] in just two days, funding an animation special based on the campaign with Studio Titmouse. With the initial goal only needing to hit US$750,000 by April 18th, it's incredible to see the fundraising succeed by such a large margin. Hopefully this means the team will have the means to make The Legend of Vox Machina the best it can possibly be!

It's always incredibly exciting for fandoms to collide, and what better mix than Dungeons & Dragons with anime? The animated special will be 22 minutes long featuring the Vox Machina crew lead by their amazing, and incredibly popular, DM Matthew Mercer with a story scripted by Jennifer Muro. Actors will include all of your favorites; Ashley Johnson as Pike Trickfoot, Marisha Ray as Keyleth, Taliesin Jaffe as Percy, Travis Willingham as Grog Strongjaw, Sam Riegel as Scanlan Shorthalt, Laura Bailey as Vex'ahlia, and Liam O'Brien as Vax'ildan.

Since the crowdfunding has given so much more than expected, and in such a short amount of time, the team is looking to release the release in Fall 2020 with hopes of producing a full series. From what we know, the story line will be following the original campaign and continue on with the first season of Critical Role.

The intro has already dropped, giving us an idea of what the finished product will look like. With an anime-like art style and exciting story line written by a seasoned writer, responsible for great stories such as Star Wars: Forces of Destiny and Justice League: Action, we're bound to have an exciting adventure!

Check out the trailer here and continue to follow the ever-growing Kickstarter here!



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