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Who is excited for Comicpalooza 2019? We are!

Comicpalooza 2019 will be held at the George R. Brown Convention Center between May 10-12 for pop culture lovers. Our Senpai Team is on a mission to put this convention on the spot as we venture to Houston, TX this year. 

    Comicpalooza elicits a range of interests from panels, meet-and-greets, comic and anime exhibits, literature and film programs, family-friendly activities, and even the inaugural ESP Collegiate Esports Championship ESPN (

While the focus is usually towards cosplay and celebrities, we will aim at the hard hitting questions such as, "What makes this convention different from others? What has attracted guests to come to this con? What parts of the world are attendees visiting from and what are their goals at the convention is. We intend to share our own review regarding the organization and entertainment value on the show floor and venue while learning about the audience. We have seen positive reviews online about the convention and the growing interest from our followers in Ne York City that we just have to check it out. 

Here are some voice actors that you might recognize specially Jaimie Marchi who we hired to appear for our party for New York Comic Con 2018 at CopaCabana.

     For an event 1,600 miles away and a name to reach here in  NYC must mean they're doing something right! We are excited to see what Comicpalooza has to offer for a variety of Fandoms. For more information on Comicpalooza, check out their website for update news At



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