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Colossal Con East 2021

As we forget 2020 ever happened, let's focus on the more positive things like 2021. This year, it's different from last (2019). We finally settled down, wrote down many new rules to keep things safe, and pushed specific measurements that way, everybody is happy. At colossal con east, we made memories and a fresh start to a great beginning.

The Kalahari Resort Center in Poconos expanded its convention center (250,000 square feet fully constructed and ready) and added a new few things. The first year at the convention center felt petite, but there was more room to breathe this time. The basement snack area was expanded in space and time and looks cleaner. Virtual reality (VR) is new to the gaming room downstairs yet a little pricey but worth checking out. Because of covid, we, the guest, had a smaller schedule of things to do, Fewer special guests, panels, people, low on staff, and not that much going on in the artist and dealers room. But I am not here to blame Colossal Con, things happened, and they did the best they could this year. Was it worth checking out the con this year? Of course, to support all the great staff members who came out of their time to make this happen. From what I am gathering from many guess members who went to the resort but not the con, I quote, "I am not ready, and until I am, I will come around."

I love doing the unusual and spice things up by asking people for feedback, not individually but in groups of 5-15 ppl. The following are opinions from the public who regularly go to the waterpark but not the con, and the question goes, "How can we attract more members to get more involve with the con and not the waterpark?" :

Group one - I think it is wise that Colossal con makes people buy badges to get the night event. We did find out that you could buy without the badge a night event the next day at the front of the waterpark entrance. That change could probably be because they didn't make a certain quota, which might change again.

Group two: The taste colossal con east left in 2019 on Sunday got many confused photographers bothered. I am glad things got cleared up but hoping that is not the case in the future. Because of the weather, the outside area was finally open, and I do wish that happens more often, but that is probably out of Colossal cons jurisdiction to tell the resort to open the outside pools.

Group three: I think we will see how things turn out next year because we had a few special guests who dropped out and were excited to meet, but I get it. The convention should reach out to more New York Comic Con or Anime NYC vendors and artists. I do see this convention sooner or later try to force like Dragon Con and Katsucon people to get badges, but that doesn't mean it is a bad thing. Sooner or later, many cons will have to follow, and it will be the only way to maintain the cons standard.

The public had many ideas but also respected what the owners of the con had for the future. We will slowly but surely see an uprise of the east, but now they have a new objective, Texas! We can't wait to check that con out!



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