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Cloud Strife In A Dress?

Square Enix announces a figurine commemorating Cloud Strife's transgender journey in the Final Fantasy VII Remake in partnership with Play Arts Kai. Cloud Strife Dress Version, a 27.6-centimeter (10.9-inch) memento of the time when stoic swordsman.

Although there are three other gowns that Cloud may wear in Remake, the black-and-blue version seen below seems to have made the biggest effect on players. Its trendy flourishes and frills are all faithfully recreated, as is Cloud's twin-braided hairstyle from his tactical makeover. You receive an alternate-expression face plate and a variety of hands, much as with many high-end figurines. The designers added a special touch by including a single piece with the two hands clasped together so that Cloud may adopt this subdued posture.

Why then did Cloud (dress version) receive such a significant boost between Final Fantasy VII's original and remake? In the original, each playable character featured three distinct character models. The first was the least detailed and was utilized in the game's map environments. The more intricate models for when the characters engaged in combat were a step up from that, and the models used for non-interactive cutscenes were at the absolute top. The greatest difference between the 1997 game and the remake is that Cloud doesn't appear in any combat or cutscenes while wearing a dress.

The figure can be pre-ordered through the Square Enix E-Store (here, priced at 19,580 yen) or through Amazon Japan (here, listed at 18,162 yen) with shipping scheduled for March of next year.



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