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Cat Planet Cuties Light Novel Author Launches New Manga

The narrative unfolds around a young girl whose life is upended following the tragic loss of her parents. Alone and vulnerable, she finds herself under the guardianship of three extraordinary demon girls summoned to safeguard her.

The debut chapter of this gripping tale is now accessible for reading on the Newtype website.

Kamino introduced the Asobi ni Iku yo! light novels, featuring illustrations by Houdeneizou, back in 2003. A manga adaptation by artist 888 graced the pages of Media Factory's Monthly Comic Alive magazine starting in 2006, concluding its run in 2015. Digital Manga Publishing brought the manga to English readers under the title Let's Go Play!

The success of the light novels spawned a 12-episode anime television series in 2010, alongside an OVA in 2011. Helming both the TV series and OVA at AIC PLUS+, director Yōichi Ueda brought the vibrant world to life. FUNimation Entertainment acquired the North American licensing rights and distributed the television anime under the title Cat Planet Cuties.



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