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Capcom Reveals New Robot Master and Game Modes for Mega Man 11

Blast Man Stage Selection. Source:

Capcom has given us a look a new Robot Master we will have to battle in the upcoming Mega Man 11 game. Blast Man is a robot that had a deep love for everything that goes "boom." Blast Man has found a new home in an abandoned theme park and is patiently waiting for the blue bomber's arrival.

In Mega Man 11, the Blast Man's stage is in the middle of an old and abandoned theme park and movie studio. Blast Man has outfitted his new home with explosive enemies and traps. He has even posted signs to say " Blast Man Adventure." Mega Man will have to fight through dangerous enemies and roller coasters to face the new Robot Master.

A previous version of Blast Man originally appeared in the Mega Man Battle Network series, but the characters abilities will be remaining the same. Blast Man creates small bombs that he tosses at Mega Man. As Blast Man's health falters, his explosives become larger and deadlier. Blast Man's more massive bombs begin to float through the battle arena thus zoning Mega Man into the corners of the stage. Mega Man will have to dodge and evade Blast Man's attacks to take him down and take his powers for himself.

Blast Man Boss Battle. Source:

After the defeat of Blast Man, Mega Man will acquire his ability to craft massive bombs. Power Gear, as Capcom is calling it, will allow Mega Man to use a move called Chain Blast. The bombs that Mega Man creates will travel across the screen and stick to any enemies along the bomb's pathway. Mega Man can chain these blasts to build more massive explosions if needed.

Mega Man Power Gear. Source:

After you and Mega Man have defeated all of the Robot Masters, you can compete in two time-based game modes. In Mega Man 11's Time Attack mode, you must clear your favorite Mega Man 11 stages with the fastest time. The quickest completion times will appear on Mega Man 11's online leaderboards.

Balloon Attack mode. Source:

Balloon Attack mode is a new addition to Mega Man 11 which features balloons placed throughout the stages instead of enemies. The blue balloons require popping while avoiding any red balloons in the arena. Any missing blue balloon pops and accidentally popped red balloons will negatively affect your stage clear time. Until now, colorful balloons have never looked so challenging.

Mega Man 11 amiibo Edition. Source:

We will have to wait patiently to see this Robot Master in person. Mega Man 11 is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on October 2nd, 2018. Nintendo has also created an amiibo edition to the Mega Man 11 title. With a Mega Man amiibo series noted on the photo, who knows what other Mega Man characters will get the amiibo treatment? Will you be picking up the new amiibo? What do you think of Blast Man? Are you excited for Mega Man 11? Will you be playing any of the game's new game modes? Let us know in the comments section below.



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