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BOY'S ABYSS Live-Action Movie cast reveal!

The primary cast members of the live-action adaptation of Boy's Abyss (Shenen no Abyss), the "suicide love story" manga by Ryo Minenami, were made public. The cast includes:

Towa Araki as Reiji Kurose

Hinako Kitano as Nagi Aoe

Natsuki Hori as Gen Minegishi

Miyu Honda as Sakuko Akiyama

Rena Matsui as Yuri Shibasawa

On September 1, the program will debut on MBS, TV Kanagawa, and other channels. While TVer, GYAO!, and MBS Dgaism will stream new episodes a week after they appear on television, Hulu will stream the series in Japan as it airs. The series is being directed by Hiroaki Yuasa and Misato Kat. Written by Kyko Inukai, the scripts.The manga will start to be published by Viz Media in the spring of 2023. According to Viz Media, manga is. A Teenager living in a dead-end community is pushed closer to the edge by selfish adults and dashed hopes.



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