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Boruto Anime Is Finally Ending

Viz Media revealed yesterday that Boruto: Naruto The Future Generations, the Naruto sequel series, is nearing its conclusion. According to the official Naruto website, Part I of the Boruto finale will show on March 26 while Part II is now in production. Fans of Boruto are not surprised by the shonen anime's conclusion, but it still has a lot to live up to. While other anime fandoms consider the Naruto series to be at best "mid," fans have been hyping it up as "peak anime" for years.

With the completion of the number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja Naruto Uzumaki eventually becoming the Hokage (i.e., ninja president) in the final episode of Naruto Shippuden, many Naruto fans, including myself, put up our leaf village headbands back in March of 2017. Yet, the Naruto story persisted in both manga and anime form, this time told from Naruto's son Boruto's point of view. Given that the Boruto manga debuted two years after the end of the Naruto manga and that its anime premiered one month after Naruto Shippuden, Naruto hasn't lost its popularity since it first aired in 1999. Regrettably, that also implies that its fandom's dialogue hasn't changed.

The conclusion of the Boruto anime marks the end of the Naruto series, but it also marks the time when the fandom's year-long assertions that the series, particularly the Code's Assault arc (the anime's last season), is the best shonen anime ever made, will be ultimately put to the test. Because One Piece supporters believe the long-running anime to be the best ongoing shonen anime, this conceit has sparked a fandom war between Boruto and One Piece fans on TikTok. Let's first discuss why the Boruto fandom's claims are so contentious in the anime world before moving on to that.



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