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Befriend Pokemon and their Trainers in Pokemon Masters

In what seems like an eternity ago, mobile gamers were reintroduced to the world of Pokemon with Pokemon GO. Now, Game Freak, DeNA, and The Pokemon Company are coming together to create the all-new mobile gaming experience of Pokemon Masters.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

Bringing Pokemon Battles to your pocket.

Pokemon Masters will bring trainers to an all-new Pokemon League. Taking place on the island of Pasio, Gym Leaders and Masters from all of the previous regions are gathering together to take part in the Masters League. Gym Leaders like Brock, Misty, Lance, Erika, and more are bringing their best Pokemon to compete.

Misty (Source: The Pokemon Company)

We will be playing as a new trainer who will have to gather badges to qualify to enter the Masters League. Gathering gym badges will work similar to how it works in the main Pokemon games, but there will be differences, such as how we interact with the other Pokemon Masters and their Pokemon.

Blue (Source: The Pokemon Company)

Lots and Lots of Friendships

Throughout our travels in the new Pasio island, we will encounter other trainers. Each trainer will have one Pokemon and join us on our quest. For instance, Brock and his Onyx, Misty and her Starmie, and Lance and his Dragonite all appear in the Pokemon Masters anime trailer.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

The friends we have developed throughout the game will join us in combat since Pokemon battles in Pokemon Masters will be a 3v3 encounter. Trainers and their respective Pokemon are called "Sync Pairs." Their deep relationships with each other allow them to perform the best moves in the game called, Sync Moves.

At this time, there is no word on which Pokemon will be on our Pokemon team or if we can collect them.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

Battle Systems

Pokemon Masters' League battles will be an absolute spectacle. Fights happen in real time with moves only being accessible when trainers fill their move gauge over time. Every action will use a portion of the move gauge with some of the stronger moves using a more substantial portion than weaker ones.

Trainers will get in on the action as well. Pokemon trainers will act in a support role during battles to heal their Pokemon or alter their Pokemon's stats.

Speculating on the Future of Pokemon Masters

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

The Pokemon Masters game is a celebration of Pokemon and their past, but since this is a modern mobile game, we can already look forward to the future of the title. The game will be free-to-play with in-game purchases, and while we don't know what kind of things we can purchase right now, it means that there will be a grind.

Free-to-play also means that there will be free updates to Pokemon Masters. This is a story driven game, so that means we may even encounter more trainers and Pokemon in future updates. More updates mean a more massive game to play, and more gaming means a long playtime.

I don't know what to expect from Pokemon Masters just yet, but we can be excited to see what the mobile game does well and if it will interact with other Pokemon titles through the new Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Master will release on iOS and Android devices this summer.

What do you think of another mobile Pokemon game? Which trainers are you ready to team up with? Let us know in the comments.



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