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Bandai Namco to Develop ‘Gundam Metaverse’

Bandai Namco Holdings said last month that it will invest 15 billion yen (about US$130 million) to create a Gundam-themed "Metaverse." In its third Gundam press conference on Tuesday, the business revealed more facts about the project.

The Gundam Base hosted test runs of a virtual reality Gunpla store in 2021. In the fall, a test version of "The Gundam Base Gunpla Colony Store" will be available before the official launch in 2023. By 2025, the business hopes to have a large-scale Metaverse up and running.

The "Metaverse" platform will combine physical and digital services in a "fusion" of sorts. Users will be able to buy Gunpla on the platform and contribute photographs and info about their Gunpla. This information can be used by players to interact with and "fight" with other players.

The company's medium-term management plan forecasts a consolidated operating profit of 125 billion yen and sales of 1.1 trillion yen in fiscal 2024, up more than 30% from fiscal 2021 expectations in both categories. The metaverse will start contributing to Bandai Namco's profits in fiscal 2025, according to the company. The 15 billion yen metaverse investment will also go toward the construction of a database that will consolidate Bandai Namco's client data across the board.



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