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Bandai Namco showed more Jump Force, and this is Everything We Learned.

Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft have been hard at work with one of the biggest fighting games known as Jump Force. Most of us were excited to see this game way back at our 2018 E3 coverage, but PlayStation has shined a brighter light on the game. Bandai Namco and PlayStation sat down to talk all about Jump Force, and this is everything we learned.


Huge Character Roster

The famous weekly manga company, Shonen Jump, has had thousands of stories told through its pages and most of our favorite characters are coming to Jump Force. The game’s roster holds forty characters from fifteen different series with nine more characters coming in future DLC packs. The count goes up to sixteen series when you include unplayable characters. These numbers do not add your created avatar that will take you through the game's story mode.

Each character has been crafted closer to their manga as opposed to their anime version, but some fighters will bring some anime attributes like Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form. Bandai Namco wants players to discover all of the easter eggs they have placed in Jump Force.

Fighting Gameplay

For every battle, players form a team of three characters to go toe-to-toe against an opponent team of three. Characters will even suffer visible damage just like they do in the pages of the manga. While every character’s base move set will control similarly, the fighter’s special moves are where things go more in depth.

Just like in their manga stories, special character moves will change the way they fight. Some fighters will be more up close and personal while others can use more long-range attacks. Specific Characters will have “Full Awakening” techniques that can change their appearance or give them different move sets. We can assume that this technique will only apply to characters that do such things in their original stories.

Bandai Namco wants Jump Force to be a game that is easy to jump into for casual fans and hardcore alike. The game’s difficulty will ramp up allowing you to learn more about how to play as you play. Eventually, you will learn how to activate support moves from other characters on your team or switch out characters through combo moves. Jump Force will also have stage changes, move cancels, and evasive moves.


The Battlefield

Jump Force is about worlds colliding together. Every Shonen Jump world is crashing into the real world; our world. This means that we will be fighting in familiar places like Times Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Capsule Corp. All stages will be destructible in battle.

The developers at Spike Chunsoft want us to feel like these battles could actually happen near us. Statues and bridges from our world may be changed to show elements of Shonen Jump worlds. This will make players want to see all of the stage changes to explore every aspect of every stage.

Jump Force and its extensive roster of manga heroes and villains will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 15th.



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