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Bandai Namco is opening an arcade and bar in downtown Tokyo!

Pictures from IGN

One of Tokyo's busiest neighborhoods, Shinjuku is home to a variety of bars, restaurants, and retail establishments. The video game industry behemoth Bandai Namco is bringing a brand-new nightlife option to Kabukicho starting next month. The recently constructed Tokyo Kabukicho Tower skyscraper will house the 1,431 square meters (15,403 square foot) amusement arcade complex, which will be called Namco Tokyo (the same building where you can see the live-action Evangelion stage play). The Music and Playlounge Asobinotes, a bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, games to play, and AI DJ game music performances, will be the most distinctive feature of the complex.

Pictures from IGN

The bar and Bandai Namco's "sound entertainment" division share the name Asobinotes, and a group of animated DJ figures controlled by AI technology will be blasting upbeat game music and remixes through the club's speakers. One of the DJs is none other than Pacman himself, together with Den-chan, Fua, Mirai Komachi, and Den-On-Bu from Asobinotes.

You should check the time of your last train before leaving because Namco Tokyo keeps open late, all the way until 1 a.m., with Kabukicho being Tokyo's largest nightlife district. If you require an extra-large arcade before the center opens on April 14, there is also the new Namco arcade that recently opened in Akihabara.



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