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Asta and Noelle's English Voice Actors Are Getting Married - Cue The Squealing!


Look, I'll be super candid; I absolutely adore Black Clover. While a lot of people seem to ditch it after the first few episodes, especially due to Asta's incredible screaming in the original Japanese, the story line is good and the characters are hilarious. The telling tale of a young man with no magical ability whatsoever trying to become the Wizard King is a journey of countless mishaps, but certainly one to be revered. If you're a fan of shonen anime, there's seriously no reason why you wouldn't want to keep up with this fantasy tale of magical knights, friendships and dreams.

So when I found out that the English voice actors for Asta and Noelle, Jill Harris and Dallas Reid, were engaged, I literally flipped my table. The anime pair have been an ship since the start of this series, but Jill and Dallas are seriously going full OTP. The engagement was announced on social media, April 20th, after the pair had attended a renaissance fair .

Here's the adorable tweet to prove it:

If you ever want to talk about #CoupleGoals, this is definitely the most current example of standards for otakus and nerds everywhere. Plus, if you look at the tweet, not only can you see their excitement, but also the gorgeous ring Harris is wearing. If you're shipping Asta and Noelle together, you're probably aware of how oblivious the future Wizard King is when it comes to romance. It looks like his voice actor feels very differently about the situation!

Here's to wishing the couple a happy and bright future together! Make sure to congratulate them on their official Twitters, @jillybeannomnom and @FortWorthReid.



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