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Anime NYC 2022

What we love about Anime NYC is that there isn't anything like it in New York City. Many crave local anime conventions, and unfortunately, because of the high rent and how expensive it could be in the city, conventions, in general, only a few around these neck of the woods or, you can say concrete jungle! With Anime NYC being the almost only biggest, we can indeed say it is staying for good here!

With Anime NYC's 5th anniversary celebration, it is still young. It could take at least ten years for a full settlement and organizing a convention to happen. A shy five years, they had already hiccups like the 2021 line con on Friday, in which people waited for almost 3-5 hours outside in the freezing cold. As for the wristband for a covid checkpoint was all orange with no logo, meaning you could get one at any party city. Not that the closest party city out of nowhere sold out all three thousand plain orange wristbands that same day; what a coincidence!

This year, 2022, the con was a lot better, but there was another issue this time. Like any con, you must fail many times to succeed. The other problem was the lottery system that failed. Growtix thought they could handle the massive wave of people who wanted to sign up for certain exclusive or not non-exclusive event panels. That was a mistake. With how the internet connection or network traffic works at cons with forty-thousand guests, you can see how that could sometimes fail. Another thing was Anime NYC having discord after five years. The first year at Anime Frontier 2021 in Forth Worth, Texas, has a Discord that came out smoothly, and we enjoyed the responsive, quick help or assistance by the staff members on the channel. Now, after five years, Anime NYC finally created one. The problem? The first-week discord was open to the public, and it kicked everyone out immediately. Only a few staff members, or any, we believe, are there to help with any information. But you have to give it some slack, not everything is perfect, and with time, things will improve.

In the end, we were glad to see Attack On Titan's creator apologizing for the anime series ending, a rare moment that broke our hearts. We believe he didn't have to and that his anime will be and always be one of the best. Hypeland with its excellent clothing, RDC World with its great entertaining videos, and a big shout out to all the companies that came over to represent Anime NYC and what it is all about. Count me in because our entire team will be at Anime NYC next year to see it grow and become one of the biggest on the East Coast!



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