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Anime Milwaukee 2022

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Pax (Penny Arcade) Conventions have ample space for board games or DnD, but this was one of those conventions that had something different. Our Team has been traveling all over the USA for 10 years and has been to at least 200 various cons. So what did Anime Milwaukee have that others don't?

Aside from the 24-hour video game room, the board game room is where it was. Now, to borrow a board game for free instead of bringing your own or buying one sounds fantastic—about 3,400 types of board games for people to play. The video game room was small, but if you think about it, what brings big groups together and people to bond faster is a board game. A big shout out to Gen Con Lending Library Logistics! Our second favorite thing was heading towards the first-day rave. This one was a 21+ event, and the Art Deco (Batman Animated Series) look was beautiful. The pop lockers saved our life, and it was 24-hours; you are the superheroes, especially with that solid cold wind outside. Finally, this new market is called 3rd Hall St Market that you must deff check out (Not entirely done but so far looks nice)!

We wish they could improve the photography room with better props and background, but that could be due to budgeting. Many of the panel rooms were empty, but that could be because of Covid. The security staff members, at times, were aggressive, but this is always happening. Like many anime cons, they have to work with the facility convention center with what they have and could only offer. Because this is our first time in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, there's not that much to do around the area, but it makes sense that the weather is harsh. From what we heard from locals when the weather is warmer, they have a lot of neat festivals.

Anime Milwaukee is one to check out, and the city is known for its cheese and many brewery alcohols that you must try if you are of age. GO BUCKS!



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