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Anime NYC 2021

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

As of the press, we had no problem entering the building. Now, If I was a regular member excited to go to a con, they had to wait for 3 to 6 hours, which is a problem. When it comes to anime cons with this problem, it is never entirely the organizers of Anime NYC fault, but half goes to the convention. To the people out there, please understand that there is always more to it. But the Anime NYC was quick to act on fixing the line situation. So what happened?

Friday morning, there was one line for everything (Sources from staff members); that line consisted of the following:

1) Vaccination check-up, in which you will have to wear an orange wristband for all three days. Now you had a choice, and it must be around your wrist. If you remove it, you will have to go back on the line for them.

2) To get your badges

3) To enter the convention meaning, you still have to be on that one line if you have the wristband and badge.

Friday night is when Anime NYC organizers sent a mass email about the change of line formation for Saturday and Sunday. Once that nightmare, according to the many complaints from the guest, was over, another arose. The security members were treating people rude, disrespectful and did not care on Saturday and Sunday to even check for weapons or any illegal items. My guess, they wanted things to move faster and have guests inside quicker. People do not understand that any organizer making any event done in that convention center needs to sign a union contract and has no other choice. Many venues have that rule that goes with also food and cleaning service. Yup, the more you learn.

What many guesses did suggest is the following that they wish to see the con:

-More video games

-More space for artist ally

-Utilize the venue more by spreading more things out for things to do

-Be more updated on information

-Better internet and cellphone connection (That's more of the conventions job)

Hey, I am sharing what happens and what people have to say, don't shoot the messenger. But, aside from all that, there was some good. Peter, CEO of Anime NYC announced a full refund for that Friday's loss. Almost no con will ever do and that we know have been done before. What we enjoyed the most was the Belle anime movie, Hypeland drip wear, Valeza booth, and their beautiful cars, Orchestra, and more. Our team and the community have so much fun rekindling with the audience, making new ones, and just being at a con in general. This was the con New York needed, and we can't wait for next year!



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