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Adult Game Review: Fake Lay

*The following content is intended for 18+ audiences only. Please be advised.*

Games are a way to do things that we would not dare do in the real world. Some of our favorite games have us acting as space police or war veterans, but today, we are reviewing a game that launches our porn career. Fake Lay is an adult game for those of us who want to film beautiful women and make all the money.

Published by Nutaku, Fake Lay has a simple premise:

Meet sexy ladies and talk them into doing dirty things in front of a camera.

Our story begins as a taxi driver. Through "Sweet talk" mini-games we can talk these ladies into removing their clothes. Much like the mobile game Fruit Ninja, we swipe away the vulgar words and let them hear the sweet ones. Swipe the negative away, and the ladies will reveal more and more of everything besides their personalities.

Cash (Source: Nutaku)

After you have sweet talked your passengers, players can buy gifts for them. Buying presents for the girls unlocks more positions to view. As the possibilities pour in, you'll have to use the game's energy economy to make more money and strengthen your skills. Skills usually take up most of your energy since you'll need those heightened skills to work with more women.

Skills (Source: Nutaku)

The only real resource players have to worry about is time. This is a free game which means that the developers have to look for ways to get reimbursement. During my playthrough of Fake Lay, I had to wait days to get to the next step in working with another lady. We practice skills, gather money, and talk to these women at a slow pace, and the only way to speed that process up is to pay money.

Shop (Source: Nutaku)

The devs don't even try to hide it. The only things you might want to spend money on are ending tasks immediately and increasing your time passage.

Fake Lay knows what it is about. The game wants their players to click on the women to build their heart bars and forget that they have played/clicked for hundreds of hours. Sorry but, that's unacceptable. If the devs at Fake Lay want me to play their game, then provide me with a fun game loop. If I played Fake Lay for its sexual content, I shouldn't have to wait days to talk to a woman I want to film. We become forced into working with a specific girl order only to see one or two more positions and to top that off, I'm not even seeing the videos I have supposedly been filming!

The art is a sexy American comic book style, so that may appeal to some players. The ladies are busty and span a wide range of personas, but the long wait is simply not worth it. I like the concept of Fake Lay, but I won't be paying any money to alter time because I'm pretty sure that Doctor Strange got the Time Stone for free.

This is the free-to-play nightmare with hours of grinding and minimal payoff. Since playing for 2 weeks, I have unlocked 3 girls in Fake Lay's first region, and I don't see myself fiddling anymore.

If you are looking for an afternoon of clicking or tapping to see a sex scene or two, then check out Fake Lay. If you are looking to get more banging for your buck, then skip this one entirely.

Have you tried Fake Lay? What did you think? Let us know in the comments section.



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