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A Beautiful and Poetic Ending to Destiny's Cayde-6 Story.

Battle Scarred Cayde-6 (Source: Bungie Youtube)

Bungie's new trailer release has fans in tears for a lost hero. Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion will feature everyone's favorite Vanguard Cayde-6 on his last adventure. While Bungie teased the death of Cayde-6 before, the new cinematic trailer gave us a full look at how Cayde-6 will go down swinging.

Bungie's trailer shows us a full fight between Cayde and the Fallen Barons of the Reef's Prison of Elders. The prison has always been home to the galaxy's most substantial threats, but the Barons in the clip are part of a new Fallen house. A Fallen house is a tribe among the alien race called the Eliksni. The leaders of Fallen houses are called Kell and are considered to be royalty. The Barons are Fallen outcasts.

The Baron who takes the first shot in the Last Stand of the Gunslinger is named The Rifleman. He has never missed his mark. The Rifleman solidified Cayde's death when he destroys his ghost which severs the link between the Light and Cayde. Just as Cayde lifts his Ace of Spade hand cannon to fight back, He is quickly smacked through a wall by a baron known as The Hangman. The trailer ends with the Ace of Spades tumbling through the broken corridor. This group of Eliksni has waited for a new leader to rally behind and they have recently acquired one.

The antagonist of Destiny 2 Forsaken is the Prince of the Reef, Prince Uldren Sov. His sister, Mara Sov, initially was the Queen of the Reef and the Kell of House of Judgement before she died during the events of The Taken King. Uldren has since taken over as a Fallen Kell but this time creating a new Fallen faction named The Scorn.

Cayde-6 has had a long history since the first Destiny game in 2014. Cayde-6 has been the Hunter Vanguard ever since his bet or "dare" with the prior Hunter Vanguard, Andal Brask. Like most Hunters, Cayde is a solo warrior. Since being reawoken by his ghost, Cayde has been on a search to remember his past life.

Part of the Exo race in Destiny, Cayde-6 is mostly machine based. His consciousness was transferred from his original body during Destiny's Golden Age. It is not clear as to how old Cayde is since guardians are immortal beings, but the earliest news relating to Cayde, according to the Vanguard Text-Only Database was said to have been written 126 years ago.

?> 126 years ago?????? im way older than that

Cayde has since used playing cards to remember parts of his past life. His trusty hand cannon, Ace of Spades, is a perfect example of the things that Cayde keeps close to his heart. No explanation yet to exactly why the Ace of Spades is vital to Cayde, but in the trailer, he tells someone named, Ace, that he is "coming home."

Cayde fought alongside a Fallen Baron during a battle with a large group of Hive on the Moon. Cayde defeated a Hive Knight and a group of Thrall with the help of a Fallen Baroness. Neither of them spoke during the encounter, but the Baron threw her pistol towards Cayde during the fight and allowed Cayde to kill her as if she had wanted him to do it. Cayde-6 has felt a connection with the Fallen ever since. It is almost too poetic for his story to end at the hands of other Fallen Barons.

Destiny 2 Forsaken launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4th, 2018.



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