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5 Story Lines that Might Continue in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

*Minor Spoilers for Marvel's Spider-Man to Follow*

Marvel's Spider-Man ends on a sort of cliffhanger with some villains going to jail and others still hiding in the shadows. During the events of the campaign, we gain some insight on to what else can happen in this universe. I gathered together some clues as to what Spider-Man comics could inspire future DLC stories and even a possible Marvel's Spider-Man sequel.

Norman Osborn (Source: Insomniac Games)

Green Goblin

One of Peter's greatest rivals, the Green Goblin has made countless attempts at defeating the webhead. There have been two Green Goblins in Marvel comics, and in Marvel’s Spider-Man we see both characters. Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn are both featured in the game, but neither has shown any villainous tendencies. While every supervillain in New York hates Norman, he has yet to use any serums of his own.

I am of the mindset that the Green Goblin of this story could be Harry Osborn. He has been in “Europe” for months according to Peter and Mary Jane’s conversations, but he is secretly in a tank in Norman’s lab. Harry is in a tank filled with who knows what. The fluid could be the new Goblin serum that Norman and his team have created by mistake, just like that of the Devil’s Breath.

Good Luck Card Signed by Bugle Staff (Source: Insomniac Games)


Peter worked at the Daily Bugle for years before working for Dr. Octavius. While at the Bugle, Peter worked with someone that many comic book readers may have heard of before. Eddie Brock is another photographer that works at the Daily Bugle. He always wanted to take more pictures of Spider-Man than Peter, but Peter always had the upper hand. One night while trying to photograph Spider-Man, Eddie becomes infected with a black symbiote alien who calls himself Venom.

Both Eddie and Venom hold a deep hatred for Spider-Man and Peter. Eddie because he is tired of playing second fiddle and Venom is still angry about being defeated by the wall-crawler in the first place. Venom is the yin to Spider-Man’s yang. They are complete opposites in so many ways that seeing them go toe to toe is always action-packed.

Spider-Geddon #0 (Source: Marvel Comics)


In 2014, Marvel Comics launched a Spider-Man crossover event that shook every part of the Marvel Multiverse. The event titled Spider-Verse gave Spider-Man a family of enemies named the Inheritors. The vampire family attacked Spider-Men in every universe only to be defeated by a team of Spider-Men and Spider-Women.

Launching now in 2018 and leading into 2019, Marvel is launching Spider-Geddon which is the sequel to Spider-Verse. Marvel’s Spider-Man game has been confirmed by Marvel to be in a separate universe, so our Spidey might have to help out the other Spider-Men take out the Inheritors for the second time.

Death of Spider-Man (Source: Marvel Comics)

Death of Peter Parker

Marvel’s Spider-Man takes most of its inspiration from Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 (2000). The Ultimate Spider-Man storyline takes place on Earth-1610 where Spider-Man has many similarities to the Mainline Spider-Man of Earth-616 with some changes. For instance, Ultimate Spider-Man became Spider-Man at a younger age and went to school with Mary Jane instead of meeting her as an adult. There are other slight differences in the creation of some villains as well.

In 2011, Ultimate Spider-Man fought for his friends and family, but in the end, he took on too much damage in a fight with the Ultimate Green Goblin. Peter managed to save Mary Jane and his Aunt May but later dies in their arms. It is one of the most heart touching Peter Parker stories that leads to my next possible plotline.

Miles Morales (Source:

A New Spider-Man Emerges

Peter Parker’s heroic actions inspire many of us to do good. Responsibility is in Spider-Man's code. With the powers of Spider-Man comes the responsibilities of Spider-Man. During an ending cutscene in Marvel’s Spider-Man, we find out that someone else has gained similar abilities to Peter.

After the credits roll, we find out that the spider bite has given Miles Morales the same powers as Peter. A Marvel's Spider-Man 2 could have another Spider-Man take over the responsibility of protecting the friendly neighborhood. We have already played as Miles in some parts of the game.

Miles shares personality traits with Peter. He wants to help people because he believes he has the ability to assist. You can see these qualities during his missions in the game and his genuine concern for the people of F.E.A.S.T. If Miles’ powers are like that of the comics, they are very different than the powers that Peter’s Spider-Man has. Miles is able to use a spider cloaking to make himself invisible to enemies, and he has a zapping touch that can paralyze criminals.

We have to give credit to the team at Insomniac Games because they did not hold back on Spider-Man's lore. Even Marvel is continuing the story with their Spider-Geddon comic book tie-in. The next DLC "The City that Never Sleeps," features the elusive Black Cat, so there may be more clues as to what happens next, but for now, it is fun to speculate.

What do you want to see happen in the next game? What villains will make an appearance? Let us know in the comments section.



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