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5 Reason to Play Pokemon Let's Go and 3 Reasons to Skip Them

Poke Maniac saying "Game Over" (Source: The Pokemon Company)

A brand new Pokemon game dropped on November 16th and us, Pokemon fanatics are playing already, but there are some that may not be so ready to jump into the Let’s Go games. So Let’s play some devil’s advocate and talk about the five reasons you should play some Pokemon and five reasons why you might want to wait for the next game.

Reasons to Play

Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Title Screen (Source: The Pokemon Company)

  • Pokemon on Nintendo Switch

Finally, a core Pokemon title is on our beautiful Nintendo Switch! The Pokemon Series help sell all of Nintendo’s portables, and yet our beloved Nintendo Switch launched without a Pokemon title. We have had some great games to play on the go, but some of my fondest memories are playing Pokemon every chance I can.

Japanese RPG titles are at home on the Nintendo Switch because it allows us to continue to watch our TVs and grind XP. Docking the game and playing on our big screen televisions is just a plus. Let’s face it, most of us bought our systems to play Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon.

Rattata Encounter (Source: The Pokemon Company)

  • You Are Still Playing Pokemon Go

There is still a huge community playing Pokemon Go. Niantic is still raking in money and pushing out updates every month. It is because of this popularity that The Pokemon Company decided to create this game. Moment to moment gameplay is based on Pokemon Go’s catching all Pokemon mantra, and there is interconnectivity between the mobile app and the Let’s Go games.

A Pokemon Let's Go Bundle includes a copy of the game with a Pokeball Plus. The Pokeball allows you to play the game using an actual Pokeball in your hand and enables you to put a Pokemon from the game in it. Walking with the Pokeball plus gives you XP for the Pokemon inside of it. The Pokeball is just extra, but it is a fun idea for those who want the full Pokemon Catching experience.

Pokemon caught in Pokemon Go can be transferred into your Pokemon Let's Go game which helps fill out your Pokedex. Niantic even included a mystery box or players that transfer Pokemon between games. Pokemon that are put into Pokemon Let's Go are not able to return to your Pokemon Go game, so choose wisely.

Koffing Fainting (Source: The Pokemon Company)

  • Nostalgia for Gen One

For most of us in the USA, the Pokemon story began in 1998 with Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. These games launched with the original 151 Pokemon and because of that, the first generation Pokemon are remembered with a nostalgic quality. Pokemon like, Charmander, Pikachu and the ever annoying, Zubat, are household names.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee is a retelling of the original games with a fresh take on gameplay. There are still eight gyms in the beautiful Kanto region, but the games have been revamped graphically, musically, and the entire wild Pokemon system has changed for the better.

Visible Pokemon Encounters (Source: The Pokemon Company)

  • Visible Encounters

Wild Pokemon encounters are a significant part of the gameplay in any Pokemon game. Pokemon Let’s Go has made what I think is one of the best changes to the game since 3D. We are finally able to see what Pokemon are in the tall grass. Seeing the Pokemon before you hear that battle music helps me sleep better at night. It also helps those who like to hunt for Shiny Pokemon because you can see their colors in the wild.

Trainers in Co-op (Source: The Pokemon Company)

  • A Co-op Pokemon Experience

Pokemon has always been a single player game unless you were challenged to a battle in the playground. Multiple players have only been able to compete against each other until now. Co-op play is now in Pokemon Let’s Go. Your son, daughter, wife, boyfriend, cousin, and brother-in-law can pick up the other joy con and start catching pokemon with you. This is the closest we will get to an official Pokemon MMO, for now, of course.

Pokemon Let’s Go does not allow multiple accounts to play in co-op, but it's always nice to have a game to play with my girlfriend. I am always on the lookout for great 2-player games and Pokemon Let’s Go just become one or two.

Reasons to Skip

Jesse and James Playing Games (Source: The Pokemon Company)

  • It’s Not a New Story

While there are all sorts of new changes, the story has remained the same. I am not battling new gym leaders or going in a new order. The games are faithful to the originals and putting hundreds of hours into a Pokemon game that you have already seen can be a negative for some. While there are some slight differences in the story, like the inclusion of Jesse and James, most of the pivotal plot points remain the same.

Starter Eevee with fixed stats (Source: The Pokemon Company)

  • Little Pokemon Customization

The Pokemon series has always had in-depth game mechanics while still being simple enough to pick up and play. Pokemon IVs or individual value stats have been part of the game’s competitive meta, but Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee have removed most of the stats that can be changed.

Elements of gameplay like Pokemon nature and item holding have been removed from these titles. Pokemon Nature affects specific stats like speed and attack while item holding allows your Pokemon to heal itself with a berry during battle or merely gain more XP. This makes your Pokemon very similar to your friends and allows less customization on your Poke-team. Because of this lack of depth, these games are also considered to be lower in difficulty.

Super Nerd Aidan Challenge (Source: The Pokemon Company)

  • Game Staying Power

Video Games have grown into living things in that they are continuously updated and infused with new features. Playing Pokemon Let’s Go is an experience that will last you a few months of gaming, but inevitably we will all move on to the next game only because it will have new Pokemon. Pokemon Let’s Go will give us that nostalgic feeling of training some of our old favorites and giving us something to do with the pokemon that are living on our mobile devices, but after we have completed the Pokedex, we won’t have anything else to do. As of this writing, there have been no public plans to bring another generation of Pokemon to the Let’s Go games. Pokemon Go already has four separate generations of Pokemon and will continue to add more.

I love Pokemon, but it becomes rather difficult to catch them all when I have to buy a new game to gather more Pokemon. Games as a service may be a better approach to the Pokemon franchise, but who knows if The Pokemon Company and Nintendo will ever consider the option.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee are the coolest Pokemon games out right now, but that may only last one year. Nintendo has confirmed a new core game is going to release in 2019. So let’s go and enjoy the nostalgia trip because the new adventures will begin soon.

What are your thoughts about Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee? Let us know in the comments section below.



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