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5 New Features Coming in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

The Pokemon Company has shed some light on their up and coming games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. During an exclusive Nintendo Direct, the team over at Game Freak gave us Pokemon Fans a look at some of the new things we will be doing in the next core Pokemon RPG. Here are the highlights of the information drop.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

1. Galar Region

As players have come to expect in every new Pokemon RPG, we will be exploring the new region. The all-new Galar Region is full of open plains and snowy mountains. Regional citizens have learned to work with their Pokemon, so trainers will often see pokemon helping in businesses and performing public tasks.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

Galar Region is similar to most of the other Pokemon regions as there are Gyms scattered all throughout the land. The main difference in Galar is that all of the Pokemon Gyms are built like Stadiums for large groups of spectators. Galar puts a significant emphasis on the entertainment of epic trainer battles. Each Stadium will have a Gym Leader of a different specialty. The new leader Milo, for instance, will specialize in Grass-type Pokemon.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

2. New Pokemon and New Friends

The journey around the Galar region will be a long one but don’t worry, it won’t be a lonely one. Players will encounter all new Pokemon and Trainers in the cities in Galar. Your journey through the region will have you facing a lot of new Pokemon, but Galar is home to two very powerful legendaries named Zacian (Sword) and Zamazenta (Shield).

Among these new Pokemon and characters is the regional champion, Leon and his younger brother, Hop. The younger of the two will act as your rival while you both try to take on all of the gym leaders to challenge the Pokemon League.

At the start of your adventure, Players will meet the Professor of Galar, Magnolia. Her research has brought her to this region to study the phenomenon of Dynamax. Magnolia’s Granddaughter, Sonia, has been her assistant since long before Leon became the Regional Champ.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

3. The Dynamax System

While some aspects of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are familiar, Game Freak gave us some completely new game mechanics for these titles. The Dynamax system is an all-new way to battle with your Pokemon. It changes things up in a considerable way! In exclusive areas of the Galar Region, Pokemon can enter the Dynamax state. This makes our Pokemon increase in size and power for three battle turns.

Trainers will allow their Pokemon to Dynamax during battles to take on the most challenging opponents. By activating your Dynamax Band, Pokemon size and moves will change. The pictures above show us that moves now have the word “Max” in front of them, signaling their change in power. After three turns, our Pokemon will return to their original size and strength, so use Dynamax wisely.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

4. Wild Area

The Galar region has many different spaces for us to explore. One of the most significant areas is called the Wild Area. It is as if Game Freak took a part of Breath of the Wild and placed it in the middle of Galar. Players can control the camera while in the Wild Area and will be able to see Pokemon before they encounter them.

Similar to Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, players will see which Pokemon are around them and can pick and choose who they will battle next. Some Pokemon will only show up during specific weather activities or in particular parts of the Wild Area.

The Wild Area is meant to be explored for hours on end with plenty of changes happening all around. Trainers may even encounter some wild Dynamax Pokemon.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

5. Max Raid Battles

Wild Dynamax Pokemon will show up in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. These Pokemon are extremely dangerous, and it will take more than just one trainer to take them on. Max Raid Battles are a brand new battle system that will allow four Trainers to battle one wild Dynamax Pokemon.

Max Raid battle will take place in the Wild Area, and you will have to battle with three other trainers. Solo players will be joined by NPC trainers, but for those with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription can play with trainers around the world via the internet.

During Raids, only one of your Pokemon can Dynamax in the battle so be sure to communicate with your fellow trainers. If players can manage to take down the wild Dynamax Pokemon, they’ll have a chance at catching it. In game conditions will also change which Pokemon you encounter, so trainers will have to keep an eye out when they are looking for a specific one.

(Source: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 15th. Preorders are starting now!

What do you think of all the new things happening in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield? Let us know in the comments.



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