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4 Rockin' Anime Podcasts Worth Listening To

When you're tired of reading articles and watching videos, where else can you get your anime analysis fix? From podcasts, of course! There aren't a lot of anime podcasts, and not all of them are worth your time - but these four can give you some serious insight into anime news culture, while also making sure you have a great time in the process.

1. Anime Is Lit

Anime is Lit approaches anime as if it's literature, which really resonates with me since that's exactly how I like to approach it. Each episode has a particular theme, and over the course of two or more hours, the hosts dig deep into that theme. One particularly memorable episode involved a discussion of The Ancient Magus' Bride that addressed how it portrayed social and psychological issues like child abuse and depression, as well as the mythological underpinnings of the story. It opened my mind to new ways of thinking about an anime I already loved.

2. Anime Summit

What really sells Anime Summit are the personalities of the hosts. Their banter is hilarious, and it's obvious that they know each other well enough to make fun of each other while still maintaining a positive mood. While I often don't agree with their opinions on anime - they seem to like fan service a whole lot more than I do for one thing - it's refreshing to get out of the echo chamber that is my own mind. You may find yourself nodding along to what they have to say, vehemently disagreeing, or somewhere in the middle, but you'll always be entertained.

3. ANNCast

ANNCast is the official podcast for Anime News Network, which means that it's a great way to get a dose of anime news without having to physically read something. ANNCast reviews new anime, looks at the history of the industry, and reports on new happenings in the anime world.

4. Anime World Order

Anime World Order has been going strong since 2005, and is probably one of the most well-known anime podcasts. They boast an extensive catalogue of reviews, which can get very opinionated - they describe themselves as 'holier-than-thou know-it-alls who are anything but' but the self awareness makes it fun instead of irritating. It's a great podcast to listen to, especially when they're reviewing something you're familiar with.

Got any other great anime podcast recs? Let us know!



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