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4 Delicious Anime About Cooking & Food

Whether you're looking for a compelling story or you just want to drool over some food porn, these delicious anime will satisfy your cravings.

1. Food Wars!

If you'd rather watch Hell's Kitchen than Barefoot Contessa, Food Wars is the anime for you. Sure, the Totsuki Culinary Academy learn to make delicious food that you can drool over, but they're also engaged in cut throat competition that will leave you on the edge of your seat. When they're not duking it out for the top spots, they're making food so delicious that it literally brings anyone who eats it to orgasm. You won't get that on network TV.

2. Silver Spoon

Despite his city upbringing, Yugo Hachiken decides to attend an agricultural high school. Through the eyes of an outsider learning the ropes, viewers not only get to see finished culinary product, but also learn how the ingredients got there. Hachiken learns how to plant and harvest vegetables and grains, how to milk cows and make dairy products with that milk, how to raise animals for meat, and how to say goodbye to those animals. Watching Silver Spoon is a beautiful way to actually understand where food comes from, and to appreciate it all the more for that understanding.

3. Sweetness & Lightning

After the untimely death of Kohei Inuzuka's life, he must find a way to make things normal again for his three-year-old daughter, Tsumugi. Meanwhile, his student Kotori, the daughter of a restaurant chef who is never around, is looking to forge a connection with her mother through cooking. These three lonely people meet in Kotori's family's restaurant and teach themselves how to make delicious meals. While the emotional healing part can occasionally come off as hokey or unconvincing, the delicious food - and Tsumugi's cuteness - is anything but.

4. Ristorante Paradiso

Not only does Ristorante Paradiso feature gorgeous gourmet dishes that look like they're straight out of a painting, it also features an unusual storyline about a young woman in her twenties with a major crush on her fortysomething co-worker. This May-December romance adds just enough taboo material to offset the indulgence that is looking at the food. You won't be able to watch this one without getting hungry - in more ways than one.

What other anime make you want to get cooking?



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