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4 Anime Characters Who Would Make Awesome Drinking Buddies

Whether you like a nice glass of Malbec with dinner, or doing jello shots in a bar at 2 AM, you want good company while you're getting your drink on. These four characters would be excellent drinking buddies...and the shows they're from are pretty fun to watch while you're drunk.

1. Tsunade Senjuu - Naruto

Aside from being a badass ninja, Tsunade is also a world class drinker. She can knock back more sake than you've ever seen in your life, and still take on a dangerous mission or her duties as a doctor or the hokage like it's nothing the next day. Besides her obvious drinking prowess, just being in her presence means getting first-class treatment at any establishment you enter - there's no bar in Konoha that would dare forget to refill the legendary san-nin's drink.

2. Sora Mizusawa - Love Is Like A Cocktail

Who better to drink with than a former bartender? Sora Mizusawa might be a stay-at-home husband now, but he still remembers the tricks of the trade. Not only can he make a rockin' cocktail, he also thinks drunk people are totally adorable. While this last part seems to mostly apply to his wife, if you're going to get trashed, it may as well be around someone who won't judge you for it.

3. Ginko - Mushishi

Ginko is one of the chillest dudes in the world. While we don't see him getting drunk in canon, he's usually smoking something. When wasted, he's probably just as chill - but maybe a little bit looser with his stories. And what stories they would be! Ginko is a mushi-shi, which means that he tracks and disarms creatures that with the power to do anything from eating dreams and granting psychic powers to forming sentient swamps. Grabbing a beer with this guy would likely be an unforgettable experience - just don't get so drunk that you forget all the cool things he told you.

4. Present Mic - My Hero Academia

Want to party all night long? Present Mic is your go-to guy for a good time. He's a teacher, which means he's in a profession notorious for their Friday night bar crawls. Also, he's a super extroverted guy with plenty of energy. Oh, and he's a superhero, which means that he can easily fight off any creeps who might harass you while you're trying to have fun. Mic can be a slightly judgy when he thinks someone is being stupid, but that's not necessarily a bad thing if you need someone to keep you in line while you're getting tanked.

Which anime character would you most want to get drunk with? Let us know in the comments.



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