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4 Anime Characters Who Love Anime More Than You Do

Do you think you love anime? Would you do anything for anime? Would you dropkick your own mother off a cliff to see Season 2 of One Punch Man??? Probably not, and neither would these otaku anime characters - but they definitely love anime a whole lot.

1. Sakamichi Onoda - Yowamushi Pedal

You might not expect a sports anime to feature a hardcore anime fan as its protagonist, but that's part of what makes Yowamushi Pedal awesome. Sakamichi Onoda starts biking because the less money he has to spend on transportation to Akihabara, the more money he has to spend on anime merchandise. While he can't get enough people interested in starting an anime club to fulfill his initial goal of making friends with fellow otaku, he does manage to get some of the members of his bike team into it - he even gets the whole team singing the theme song to his favorite show in the middle of a race.

2. Kaoruko Moeta - Comic Girls

Every character from Comic Girls is interested in manga - they are, after all, professional manga artists. Protagonist Kaoruko Moeta doesn't just like comics, though - she also likes anime. Specifically, anime about cute girls. Given her impassioned reactions to her dorm mates boobs, her passion for said anime probably goes beyond appreciating the art.

3. Hajime Tsunashi - I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying focuses on the trials and tribulations of a couple wherein the husband is a borderline hikkikomori who loves anime more than human interaction, and the wife is a regular office lady who doesn't get it. In the wrong hands, Hajime Tsunashi could come across as a pervert who doesn't care about his wife's feelings and Kaoru could come across as a prudish harpy trying to stifle his fun. Instead, the two make a genuine effort to understand and appreciate each other's differences.

4. Umaru Doma - Himouto! Umaru-chan

Umaru Doma has two sides to her personality. The personality she presents to the world is that of a refined lady, a model student, and all-around perfect role model. Her true personality, which is known only by her older brother, is that of a lazy otaku who delights in all things anime, video games, and manga. It's super fun to watch Umaru act like a total trash panda when it comes to her hobbies - we all have a little Umaru inside of us, and this show makes it easy to admit it.

What other otaku characters put your anime prowess to shame? Let us know in the comments!



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