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3 Must Play Telltale Games

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As gamers, we want a great story to give us a reason to play games. Stories drive action and emotion for the tasks we are trying to accomplish in games. This is part of why the point and click genre was created in the first place. Recently one of the most significant contributors to this style of games has been Telltale, but according to Kotaku, the studio is closing their doors. As sad as this may be for many of us, I wanted to share some of my favorite titles from Telltale Games.

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The Wolf Among Us

Based on a comic book named Fables, The Wolf Among Us features the big bad wolf of all of your favorite fairy tales. The magical characters are all living in a New York district named Fabletown and the big bad wolf, now known as Bigby Wolf, is the district sheriff.

A murder has just been committed in the middle of town, and it is up to Bigby to figure out the culprit. The murder mystery takes a backseat to several characters history with each other. Bigby has to deal with his past as a big bad wolf while trying to do right as the new sheriff. The story casts a gritty overtone to the characters you’ve read about as a young child.

A sequel was in the works according to the studio but has since been canceled because of their closing.

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Batman: The Telltale Series

Telltale Games took a shot at a Batman story, and they delivered the goods! This game has the player finding a balance between the lives of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Bruce is always in the spotlight in Gotham City since his family played such a huge role in building it in the first place. During the city Mayoral campaign, Bruce has been using his personal assets to help Harvey Dent in office. Gotham is in need of a new mayor that is not in the Mafia’s pocket, and Bruce believes that Harvey is their best option.

Unfortunately, rumors begin to pour out claiming that the Wayne family is not as squeaky clean as people thought they were. The Wayne family fortune may have ties to the Falcone Crime Family. The rumors begin to spread through Gotham at a rapid rate, and now Bruce and Batman have to find out the truth.

Batman: The Telltale Series has already received a sequel titled Batman: The Enemy Within.

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Tales from the Borderlands

Taking place on the planet Pandora in the Borderlands universe is Tales from the Borderlands. We play as the characters of Rhys and Fiona who become unlikely allies in finding a new Vault on Pandora. Rhys is a Hyperion Employee who is just trying to rise in the ranks, and Fiona is a con artist just working to live a good life with her sister, Sasha.

During the adventure, we get some glimpses into the other characters of the Borderland world like Handsome Jack and Scooter, the mechanic. Each role is played by the same voice actors as the main series games. Tales from the Borderlands is funny and engaging to both those who are familiar with the Borderlands franchise and those who are not. The game has received a few awards for Best Story and Best Writing in Comedy.

Telltale has had a long run in creating great stories, but the company loss will be felt throughout all of the gaming community. Some are looking to another video game studio to continue their work, but I’m not sure anyone will do it the same way as Telltale did. Their other games like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Minecraft Story Mode will live on through other means, but the titles I mentioned above may not ever see the light of day again. Sad things happen in the gaming industry, but I am happy to have played through these games when I did.

What Telltale Games have you enjoyed? Will you miss the studio? Let us know in the comments section.



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